Petri Dish Agar Culture Mushroom

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Introducing the Petri Dish Mushroom Culture, a must-have for all your mushroom cultivation needs. With a diameter of 900mm and a depth of 150mm, this petri dish provides ample space for your mycelium to grow and thrive.

This petri dish is expertly crafted from top-tier plastic, ensuring durability and resilience to withstand the rigorous demands of mushroom cultivation. Its transparent design allows for effortless monitoring of your cultures, a crucial aspect in successful mushroom development.

Moreover, this petri dish assists in maintaining the perfect humidity level, creating an optimal environment for your culture. This combination of features not only boosts growth conditions but also contributes to the overall success of your mushroom cultivation journey.

Petri_Dish_Mushroom_Agar_Culture_900x150mm Petri_Dish_Mushroom_Agar_Culture_900x150mm v

The Petri Dish Mushroom arrives pre-sterilized, saving you precious time and providing a clean, contamination-free environment for your mushrooms from the get-go. This makes it an excellent choice for both novices and seasoned cultivators alike.

Choose the Tarsons Sterilized 3-Vent Petri Dish for successful, hassle-free mushroom cultivation. Grow your mushrooms with confidence, knowing you have the right tool for the job.

Prepare your Agar Culture for Mushroom Cultivation:


  1. Agar-Agar Powder: This is a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed and is used to solidify the culture medium.
  2. Nutrient Source: This could be malt extract, potato dextrose, yeast extract, or another nutrient-rich substance that will feed the mycelium.
  3. Distilled Water: This is used to mix the agar and nutrient source.
  4. Petri Dishes: These will hold the agar culture.


  1. Prepare the Agar Mix: Combine the agar-agar powder and your chosen nutrient source in a ratio recommended by the manufacturer (usually around 20g of agar and 20g of nutrient source per liter of water). Add this mixture to the distilled water.
  2. Sterilize the Agar Mix: Pour the mixture into a pressure cooker or autoclave and sterilize it at 15 PSI for 15-20 minutes. This will kill any unwanted organisms in the mix.
  3. Pour the Agar into Petri Dishes: Once the agar mix is sterilized and slightly cooled (but still liquid), carefully pour it into your sterilized Petri dishes. The agar should fill about half the depth of the dish.
  4. Let the Agar Solidify: Allow the agar to cool and solidify at room temperature. This usually takes a few hours.
  5. Inoculate the Agar: Once the agar is solid, you can inoculate it with your mushroom spores or mycelium. To do this, open the Petri dish just enough to introduce the spores or mycelium, then quickly close it again to minimize contamination.
  6. Incubate the Cultures: Store the inoculated Petri dishes in a warm, dark place and allow the mycelium to grow. Check the dishes regularly for signs of contamination.

Remember, cleanliness is crucial when preparing agar cultures to prevent contamination. Always work in a clean, sterile environment and sterilize all your equipment before use.


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